Customer360 for Finance

Centralized and comprehensive data views that enable new engagement models, foster intelligent connections, and streamline procedures

Challenges Of Customer360 For Finance

  1. Customer data is spread across these numerous touchpoints.  Without system synchronization, errors and duplicate records can become an ongoing problem.

  2. With the explosion of new interaction platforms, the job of aggregating these disparate data sources has proven to be difficult.

  3. Product /Services Pricing adjustment is challenging ( Consolidating the information from different sources like : Weather, Demographics and Crime rates, etc.)

  4. Unable to achieve Customer Expectations/Needs.

  5. Risk of failure to be compliant


  • Improvement in cost of acquisition (CAC): With more targeted engagement based on deep customer insights, marketing and sales will see increased pipeline and CAC can be reduced.

  • Increase in sales velocity: Reduce the time it takes to convert a lead to a sale translates directly to annual revenue.

  • Improvement in retention, upsell, and cross-sell: More relevant and timely customer communications have an outsized impact on the value of that customer over time.

  • Product innovation: Data-driven product innovation can help drive improved market share, customer satisfaction, pricing leverage, and more.

  • Opportunity cost of time to market: By putting trusted data in the hands of decision-makers, you give them the power to make faster and better business decisions.

  • Risk mitigation: Technology that supports data health lets you control how customer data is captured, stored, and accessed, all while maintaining compliance with security and privacy regulations.

  • Gain Insights: Gain better insights from your customer data regarding customer churn or dissatisfaction.

  • Targeted promotions: Run targeted promotions that are aimed at customer retention, upselling or cross-selling and direct account and customer service activities with personalized experience.


Better Market Penetration
Improvement in customer sales
Reduction in Customer Churn
Increase in Revenue per Customer (Customer Lifetime Value)

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