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Why Dlytica Academy?

One of our core values is that we ‘never stop learning’! At Dlytica, we strongly believe in goal setting and self-reflection, encouraging all employees to grow as unique individuals. There is no better confidence boost than accomplishing the next steps we set in our development. We offer all employees plenty of tools to achieve and succeed in their future goals and objectives…

Who is this Dlytica Academy for?

  1. Individuals seeking to enter the fields of data science, data analysis, or data engineering.
  2. Students studying IT field and want to upscale their career in Data, Cloud and AI domain.
  3. Individuals searching for Data, Cloud and AI internship.
  4. Real time IT projects from IT company with 3 different global offices : USA, Canada and Nepal.

RoadMap of Dlytica Academy

  • Our training programs are designed and conducted by industry experts and engineers who bring real-world experience to the learning environment. 
  • This training provides a comprehensive and practical understanding of the skills required in Job. 
  • We are providing you industry-recognized certifications that align with your career goals. 
  • Picking Cloud Partners certification for your role and embarking on a journey that not only enhances your skills but opens exciting opportunities in the world of cloud computing. 
  • By enrolling in our courses, you are not just signing up for education journey, you’re signing up for a transformative experience that includes a valuable internship opportunity, providing you with Canadian work experience. 
  • Unlock In-House Job Opportunities with Our Training and Certification, we’re ready to welcome our own trained and certified candidates into our dynamic team of Dlytica. 

Comparision Table

ParametersIn-Person TrainingRecorded TrainingLive Tutor Online Training by DLytica Academy
InteractionHigh, direct with instructors and peers.Low, no real-time interaction.Medium to high, real-time but virtual.
FlexibilityScheduled, less flexible.High, access anytime.Scheduled sessions, some flexibility.
PaceSet by the course schedule.Self-paced, learner controlled.Varies, can be adjusted in live sessions.
AccessibilityLocation-dependent, must travel.Accessible anywhere with internet.Accessible anywhere with internet.
PersonalizationHigh, personalized feedback.Low, generic content.Medium to high, interactive feedback.
Certified Industry Expert from DLytica TeamNoneNone Data Engineer from DLytica will teach Data Engineering course.
Internship after trainingNoneNone Provide Data and AI internship once the foundational training is completed.
North America IT experience certificateNoneNone We will provide IT training completion certification from our company registered in USA and Canada.

Holistic Data Education

Join our data-focused courses on DLytica to gain a holistic understanding of the data realm, covering data analysis, data science, and data engineering. Master the techniques to extract insights, build predictive models, and optimize data pipelines.

Practical Project Emphasis

Immerse yourself in the world of data through hands-on projects in our courses. From analyzing real-world datasets to designing data-driven solutions, you'll cultivate practical skills that are crucial for success in data analysis, data science, and data engineering roles.

Find The Right

Online Course For You

Leading to AI

8 Lessons

Data Analyst

Become a Data Analyst with our course and turn raw data into meaningful insights! Our course teaches you the essential skills to clean, analyze, and visualize data, empowering you to drive informed decisions and strategies for any organization. Unlock a world of opportunities in the booming, data-driven industry with this comprehensive course.

Leading to AI

13 Lessons

Data Science

Data Scientist claimed the top spot as the most promising occupation in 2020, and this achievement aligns with its consistent ranking as the leading job on Glassdoor’s Best Jobs list for the preceding four years. Professionals working in this field have consistently highlighted the substantial demand for their skills, generous compensation packages, and remarkable job.

Leading to AI

17 Lessons

Data Engineer

Become a Data Engineer and be the architect of data solutions! Our course prepares you to design, build, and manage sophisticated data pipelines, enabling organizations to harness the power of their data. Learn to work with cutting-edge technologies and cloud platforms, and set yourself on a path to a thriving career in the rapidly growing field of data engineering.

Students Testimonials


(Data and AI Training)

Course Content: Basics of AI/Data Concepts

Live Tutor Training: 10 hours

Hands-on Exercises: 5 exercises

Quizzes: 3 quizzes

Certificate of Completion

Capstone Project: 1 project

Internship Opportunities

(Advance Training + Internship)

Course Content: In-depth AI/Data Learning

Live Tutor Training: 20 hours

Hands-on Exercises: 10 exercises

Quizzes: 5 quizzes

Capstone Project: 1 project

Certificate of Completion

Internship Opportunities



  • Where is Dlytica company?

    Dlytica is a Canadian IT company. It is a well-established company in Canada with a robust presence in Nepal, the Middle East, and New York as well.

  • Is the training/course teaching recorded Session?

    The teaching method involves live session training, where you will have tutor present during the session to give you understanding of the trainings; it is not a recorded session.

  • Is the training and teaching session onsite or online?

    The training and teaching sessions are conducted online through virtual classes. Our tutors for the course and training are based in Canada, providing a seamless online learning experience.

  • Is the Internship paid or unpaid?

    In this professional pathway, which includes an internship, students are expected to submit payment to Dlytica instead of receiving compensation from Dlytica for the internship.

  • Is the Internship in Dlytica or other companies?

    The internship is exclusively provided by Dlytica itself and includes dedicated guidance from a Dlytica employee.

  • How do we apply for the Job at Dlytica?

    To apply for a job at Dlytica, you can do so when there are job openings. Currently, we are actively hiring the right candidates for various job roles at Dlytica. Out of 3 pathways we have, only professional pathway has internship for 4 months which you can opt if you want internship, followed by job opportunity.

  • Can a fresher apply for the course and training?

    Certainly, a fresher is welcome to apply for the course and training. We not only provide foundational learning but also assist in highlighting professional pathways, helping individuals kickstart their careers effectively.