AI360 encompasses Data Collection, Analysis, Modeling, Deployment, and ongoing optimization, offering a 360-degree approach to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.


Business Architecture


Benefits of AI360


Reduced cost by optimizing operations, the cost savings achieved through operational optimization have allowed us to reinvest in strategic initiatives, further propelling our growth and competitive advantage.


The strategy aims to boost revenue and market share by reducing costs such as ROADS, CTR, and PMI, while also minimizing risks related to privacy compliance and consent.


The strategy aims to boost revenue and market share by optimizing customer journeys and reducing costs through micro targets, while also minimizing risks related to privacy compliance and consent.


The goal is to increase revenue by optimizing the sales process, reduce costs, and minimize risks related to privacy compliance and consent.

Customer Support

The strategy aims to increase revenue through cross-sell-up sales, reduce costs through first-call resolution, and reduce risks related to privacy compliance and consent.



Reduced Churn Rate

The churn rate dropped from 20% to 12% within six months, significantly improving customer retention.


Increased Revenue

The reduction in churn translated into a 15% increase in annual revenue.


Enhanced Customer Insights

Gained deep insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing for more effective engagement strategies.


Streamlined Operations

Unified data and automated processes led to more efficient operations and quicker response times to potential churn indicators.


Risk Management

AI360 Studio can analyze large volumes of data to identify potential risks and provide early warnings.


Resource Optimization

AI360 Studio optimizes the use of resources, whether it's human capital, financial resources, or time. This leads to more efficient operations and better allocation of resources.



  • How can AI360 help my business?

    AI360 can assist your business by automating reporting, optimizing labor, forecasting demand, benchmarking site performance, and identifying untapped revenue opportunities.

  • How does AI360 forecast demand?

    AI360 uses machine learning algorithms to predict future demand, considering factors such as historical sales data, holidays, weather conditions, and events.

  • How can AI360 help increase sales?

    By leveraging AI360's data analytics capabilities, businesses can spot overlooked revenue opportunities. These insights can be used to devise strategies that capitalize on these opportunities, potentially leading to increased sales.

  • How can I get started with AI360?

    Typically, getting started with AI360 involves reaching out to the provider for a demo or consultation, during which they can assess your needs and show you how AI360 can be tailored to your business.

  • Is my data safe with AI360?

    As a responsible AI solution, AI360 should prioritize data security and privacy. It should employ industry-standard measures to protect your data.

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